Warrantti ry is a student organisation of business students at the University of Vaasa. Warrantti was founded in 1989 and with its current members it is the second largest business students’ organisation in Finland. By joining Warrantti, our members become members of Suomen Ekonomit and are thus also covered by their supervision of interests. The most important task of our organisation is to promote the interests of our members in their studies, leisure time and working life, and to monitor and improve the quality of business education at the University of Vaasa. The General Assembly has the highest decision-making power of the organisation. Operational and administrative activities are carried out by the Board elected at the General Autumn Assembly, supported by the divisions, clubs, officers, Major clubs, the Heritage Society and working groups appointed by the General Assembly.

Introduction to the strategy work

Warrantti’s General Autumn Assembly on 2 November 2021 gave a task to the The Chair of the Board 2022 to set up a strategy work group and start the strategy work. The purpose of the strategy work is to set the direction and purpose of the organisation’s activities for the years 2023-2025. The working group consisted of six active Warrantti members in 2022. In addition to the The Chair of the Board, the group included the sitting The Vice Chair, a past Chair of the Board, a former Corporate Relations Manager and two past Vice Chairs. The strategy work included a comprehensive review of the current state of the organisation, the implementation of the previous strategy, and the financial statements and action plans from previous years. The strategy work was also supported by strategy workshops for the members in spring 2022 and an Supervision of Interest-survey.

The strategy for 2023-2025 will be presented by the The Chair of the Board at the General Autumn Assembly for approval on 2 November 2022. The implementation of the strategy will start in January 2023. To support the implementation of the strategy, clear guidelines will be established for the current Board and a reporting requirement every six months to ensure continuity of the strategy.


Warrantti is an international student organisation whose growth and economic development is based on the most community-based membership in Finland, both during and after graduation. Warrantti invests in the mental and physical well-being of its members through a wide range of events and services, creating a sustainable basis for working life after graduation.


Warrantti supports its members’ studies and leisure time through active and effective supervision of interests to ensure the value of the University of Vaasa’s business degree. Warrantti creates a supportive atmosphere where everyone has the opportunity to succeed and become part of the community.


Community spirit

Community is the foundation of our work, ensuring that our members have a memorable learning experience. We promote a positive culture of working together to help others. We promote trust, inclusion, interaction and support the personal growth of each individual. Warrantti members feel that they are apart of the Warrantti community throughout their studies and beyond.


We act transparently with open communication and trustworthiness to promote the interests of our organisations members. By actively interacting with our members on a daily basis, we are able to meet their needs through continuous improvement on a daily basis.


We lead the way by acting in an ecologically, economically and socially sustainable way. We are committed to making sustainable environmental choices in our activities. We are also a respected and honest partner to our stakeholders. We engage in social debate on issues of importance to our members and promote our interests responsibly. We uphold good governance and manage the organisations finances responsibly.


Warrantti aims to create a community that is a safe place for everyone. In our community, everyone is valued as an individual. We do not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any kind in our activities. We look at our activities as a way of dismantling old structures and norms and we are always open for a conversation.


Strategic targets 2023-2025:

Warrantti as the second largest business students subject organisation in Finland


Warrantti ry is Finland’s second largest business studies subject organisation. As a subject organisation, we are wanted and respected by our members and partners. We offer our members a wide range of events, membership benefits and activities. We are constantly increasing the quality and size of our events to meet the needs and expectations of our members. We act in a socially, economically and environmentally responsible way, leading the way in all areas of our activities, putting our members first. We actively engage with our stakeholders, in particular with Suomen Ekonomit, the University of Vaasa and the organisations within the Student Union of the University of Vaasa, and maintain a dialogue to strengthen our relationships with others.

Our activities must reflect our large membership and our valued community.


● Increasing the diversity of events, increasing the size and paying attention to well-being and a safe environment.

● Developing business relationships by nurturing existing partnerships and increasing the amount of partners.

● Being a valued partner and a strong influence on stakeholders, promoting Warrantti with pride at both, local and national level.

● Taking an active stance locally and nationally on issues affecting our membership.


Strengthening the Master’s and alumni operations


Warrantti’s Master’s division will play a major role in the future development of our community in terms of continuity and attractiveness. Master’s degree students will be offered more and more ways to contribute to our community and find a pathway for them to integrate into our community. The Warrantti Alumni Association will be established as an integral part of our community. Alumni operations will also strengthen the connection of Warrantti students with the world of work and the community that alumns have built during their studies.


● Strengthen and develop the Masters activities through the Masters division.

● Events for alumni and Masters students that meet their needs.

● Activation of major clubs as part of alumni and masters activities.

● Establishment of the Alumni Association as an integral part of the Warrantti’s community.


Strengthening the Community


Warrantti will make your study time memorable. By working for equality and accountability, we ensure and provide a safer place to study and spend leisure time. We encourage our members to play an active role in our community and we welcome new students to join us immediately. Accountability and transparency in our activities enhance our sense of community.


● Implement the Code of Conduct for every member so that Warrantti is a safer space for all.

● Promote the wellbeing and mental health of our members by providing wellbeing and mental health events, content and member benefits.

● Increasing activity through officers, divisions and clubs.

● Increasing cooperation with local stakeholders such as local decision makers and businesses to make Vaasa the most welcoming home for our members.

● Integrating international students into our community by communicating in English and organising low-threshold participation opportunities.

● We are ready to buy our own space, knowing its potential to strengthen our community.


High quality and comprehensive supervision of interests


Warrantti is a powerful supervision of interests that protects the interests of its members in every field – in studies, at work and in leisure – by reacting quickly to changing circumstances and defending its members.


● Increasing the involvement of Hallopedit through the development of a Yksopedi-Hallopedi partnership.

● Developing the major clubs by activating and increasing activities.

● Developing the dialogue between Warrantti and the University of Vaasa by increasing communication.

● Addressing current issues at national level, such as equality issues, both individually and in cooperation with other stakeholders.


Increasing workplace orientation and developing business cooperation


Warrantti and its sub-actors enable the development of work-life skills during studies. We bring companies closer to students while strengthening the work-life orientation, in addition to quality and accredited studies.


● Strengthening the link between the major clubs and businesses.

● Increase the number of work-related events such as case evenings and excursions organised by the major clubs in addition to the business relations section.

● Integrating alumns into the Warrantti through Master’s and alumni activities.

● Increasing member benefits at both local and national level.