Warrantti has 12 clubs. Clubs have their own boards and clubs will recruit new board members on springs and autumns when needed.  Clubs´s events are open for all Warrantti´s members but many events are also open to other students as well. Find out more about clubs from the links below!

Do you feel that Warrantti is missing an essential aspect of its work? You can fix this by setting up a club! Members of Warrantti can set up a club around a topic of interest. Club activities should be regular and open to all Warrantti members. Club´s events must bring added value and diversify Warrantti´s current event offering. In addition, clubs operation should be continous and open.

Warrantti supports the activities of the clubs, both financially and in terms of other arrangements. To be eligible for financial support, a club application must be submitted. This includes an action plan and a budget. The action plan describes the type of club and what the activities involve. The budget clarifies in more detail the income and expenses of the club’s operations. In the budget, it is good to break down income and expenses per event.

Please come and talk to the board members about setting up a club! Operative Manager is happy to answer your questions. Club applications (action plan and budget) can be sent to Operative Manager at operatiivinen@warrantti.org.