NESU Semma Day by Day

Our Chair of NESU attended NESU Semma with the NESU board of 2023. Here you can read a little bit about their week:

Monday 20.3.

The Onnibus started, and our journey towards Turku began. The trip was enjoyable, and we met the rest of the Semma participants in Turku. The first day consisted of introductions and general information. After that, we headed towards the Viherlahti camp center, where we had a cabin sitz party waiting for us. In the evening, we sang karaoke, went to the sauna, and took a dip in the cold water.

Tuesday 21.3.

Tuesday morning started with a bit of tiredness due to the previous night’s festivities. We subdued the tiredness with breakfast and a couple of cups of coffee. Then, we headed back to the University of Turku where the first case of the week awaited us. The day’s program consisted of casework given by a visiting company. At the end of the day, each group presented their solution, and the company selected the best one. In the evening, we went to Megazone and played billiards.

Wednesday 22.3.

It was Wednesday and time for a new case. The case was introduced to us by Suomen ekonomit. Our task was to come up with solutions for how to get international talents to stay in Finland. Presentations were really interesting and varied, but the winning group won with an amazing idea of a Stay app that can help foreigners integrate into Finland. After the case, we went to eat, and then we had another easy night. We went bowling and played other fun games, such as mini curling!

Thursday 23.3.

New day, new case! In Thursday’s casework, we had to present ideas for how Turku city can improve its services by using digitalization. Our group presented an app that encourages recycling, and we won the case. In the evening, we had Cityrun, which is usually one of the highlights of the week. Cityrun includes a variety of different tasks that need to be completed in teams.

Friday 24.3.

Another day, another slay. The room was filled with tired students, and it was time for the last case of the week. It was introduced to us by SAP. Our task was to find sustainable solutions for the value chain in chosen industries. I was on the winning team again, which was a perfect reason to celebrate in the evening. The other reason, of course, was the Nordic evening sitz party! A lot of people from Vaasa attended the sitz party, and we had a great program as well. After the sitz party, we went to an afterparty to sing karaoke.

Saturday 25.3.

It was Gala day! Saturday was the first morning that I could sleep for longer. I woke up quite rested and fresh. We went to Turku city for a quick walk and got something to eat. After that, we went to our hotel to get ready for the Gala, and at 18.00 o’clock, it was time to start the party. The Gala was great, and we had such a great time with some delicious food. After the formalities, we just enjoyed the company of our new friends and danced until the morning.

Sunday 26.3.

Time to go home. It has been the longest and at the same time, the shortest week of my life. As geniuses, we decided to book our train to leave at 09.05 from Turku. The week was such an educational experience, and we made a lot of new friends and memories. It was great to see so many Vaasa people, and I definitely encourage others to consider joining the NESU Conference in the future.